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SRNQ Educational & Welfare Society - It is a good time to start thinking about helping other people. While we sit comfortably in the luxury of our warm comfortable surroundings, please make a moment to think of our fellow humans across the globe who do not share our good fortune.We here at SRNQ Educational & Welfare Society are working to provide the bare necessities for the not so fortunate. We aim to provide shelter for the homeless, food and amenities for the hungry, clothes for the poor and education for children who are our future, our tomorrow. We also provide tools and training for people and communities to improve their living standards and making them self dependent and able to earn a living, hence providing them with long term skills and solutions.
SRNQ Educational & Welfare Society -
REGISTARION No:1803-2008-2009, Lko, U.P. India
Our Projects
Hand Water Pumps Installation Scheme
Blanket Distribution Program
Medical Treatment Scheme
Marriage of Poor
Work for Women
Eye Check-up camp

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